Life Insurance

Avalon Group Life Insurance

Life insurance provides a certain level of financial protection for the employee’s survivors in the possibility of the employee’s death. Life insurance is one of the comprehensive set of benefits employees look for when deciding among possible employers.

Group basic life insurance is generally guaranteed issue and requires no medical questions or examinations. Benefit amounts are chosen by the employer and are usually a flat amount, an amount equal to the employee’s salary or a multiplication of the employee’s salary (such as 1 x, 2x or 3x the employee’s salary rounded to the nearest thousand).

Group voluntary life insurance allows employees to purchase life insurance in excess of the provided basic life or in the absence of the basic life. Voluntary life insurance allows employees to choose their level of coverage which is most suitable to their unique needs. This coverage is often guaranteed issue up to a certain benefit level requiring no medical questions or examinations. Coverage elected above the guaranteed issue may require medical questions.