Avalon Group Telemedicine Insurance

Advances in technology and how we use this technology today has led to the immense growing popularity of Telemedicine, also known as Virtual Health. Telemedicine incorporates the use of telecommunication and IT to provided clinical healthcare by US state board certified doctors through computer, tablets and smartphones. This technology has improved access to healthcare throughout the world.

Group Telemedicine Insurance is usually very affordable and helps both the company and the employees. Telemedicine helps companies save money by providing its employees access to a healthcare professional that will not go against their major medical experience. This coverage works as a great compliment to major medical insurance and as access to doctors for those companies without major medical coverage. Group telemedicine plans can be 100% voluntary (employee paid and no cost to the employer), employer paid or contributory from both employer and employee. Coverage is available for employees, spouse and dependents living in the same household.